Our previous work.

There are key elements to every website and business that make their website stand out among the others. The key aspects of web design that are most important include things like an excellent navigation system, clear and concise content that captures the reader, visual elements that help the reader process information, brand uniformity where your clients will recognize and remember you, engagement that keeps clients interested and coming back, and finally organization and SEO to get your business out there. These are the products of a full digital solution.


Laravel 5.5, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL (mariadb), CentOS, NGINX, Bootstrap 4.2

BlizzForge was a fansite community based around Blizzard Entertainment's full line-up of games. This entire site (technically a fully fledged CMS) was written from scratch and it was very fun to work on. This project has since been re-launched as MetaDiablo (more information on that below)

Diablo Immortal Community

Adobe Photoshop CS6, Various Blizzard Assets

The Diablo Immortal Community is a Discord community driven project, bringing players together! We strive to give the latest updates & information, guides, guilds, games and more! We joined this project the day it started, currently as staff we ensure community rules are being followed and discussions stay on-topic. As volunteers we contribute our work for the advancement of the community; here we help with marketing graphics, future plans for improving SEO and creating a new website.


Adobe Photoshop CS6, GIMP 2, Various Blizzard Assets, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Laravel 6, MySQL (mariadb), Ubuntu Server, NGINX, Cloudflare, Bootstrap 4.4, Mailgun

MetaDiablo is a community made project for Diablo II, and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. This project started out as BlizzForge (a fansite community for Blizzard games) It turned into a more focused community that offers tools, support, and many various improvements to existing services within the niche Diablo II gaming community.

Alpine Cycles

Lightspeed eCommerce, Adobe Photoshop CS6, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3.3, Python 3, General Consultation, SEO Improvement, Inventory Management

Alpine Cycles is the best full-service specialty sporting goods store with decades of experience in bicycle, skateboard, ski, snowboard, and other action sports in Port Huron, Michigan. From general consultation, hardware repair, custom python scripts, and much more that make inventory management and daily operations much easier through custom development, we are proud to have a professional relationship with the excellent team at Alpine Cycles.